Testimonials About Cen-Tex Mobile Wash - Car Detailing, Waco, Texas

I would highly recommend them to anyone, except my competitors

Cen-Tex Mobile Wash has been working closely with us at HOLT Agribusiness for the past 4 years. He started detailing our heavy machinery for trade shows all across Texas. He has been very reliable and does quality work that represents our company well at these trade shows. I look forward to a continued relationship with Manny and the guys at Cen-Tex Mobile wash for many years to come. I would highly recommend them to anyone, except my competitors.

-- Jason Chancey
   Waco Ag Sales

The best full service detail in Waco

I have been in the car business for 20+ years and have used every detail business in Waco at one time or another. These guys know what they are doing. They have the equipment and professional knowledge to get your car clean as new. You are going to get what you pay for with Centex Mobile.

-- Russell Kramolis
   Owner - Northcrest Auto

I would definitely recommend Cen-Tex!

I was extremely pleased with the service offered by Cen-Tex Mobile Wash. He was very courteous and very prompt. The headlights look great. I would definitely recommend Cen-Tex to all my friends and will be using them to detail my car in the near future.

-- Donna Stanley, Accounting Manager
   Central Freight Lines Inc., Waco, TX

Manny and his crew care about your car!

Manuel has been washing my cars for 15 years. Always does a fantastic job, inside & out. Manny & his crew care about your car.

-- Carter Harris
   Financial Advisor, Waco, TX

He Made My Car New Again!

I was so impressed with the detailing job Manny and his crew did on my 2004 Saturn Ion. I have been thinking about getting a new car because this one was looking so dingy and smelling pretty musty, even after vacuuming. Manny came by about 1 pm and picked it up from my office, then returned it about 4:30 looking like a new car. He buffed up the finish, restored the headlights (I had no idea they were so cloudy from getting dinged by rocks), steam cleaned the engine, and got old, old coffee stains out of the upholstery and carpet. He also ionized the air and did an antibacterial treatment that got rid of any mold and mildew, which probably caused a lot of the musty odors. Even the tires looked brand new, polished up with tire conditioner. Now when I get into the car, I feel better. It smells clean and looks new. I feel like he saved me a lot of money over buying a new one! Plus, Manny is about the most friendly person I've ever met. He is a go-getter, enthusiastic, dedicated, and professional. Thanks, Manny!!

-- Carla Pendergraft, Web Designer
   Lorena, TX